Remington Name Meaning

What does Remington Mean?

Remington Name Gender : Boy Names

Remington Name Origin : The origin of the name Remington is English baby names

Meaning Of Remington : Remington name meaning is Family of ravens.

Remington Name Variations : Remington name variations are Rem, Remee, Remi, Remie, Remmy.

In addition to these data about Remington name meaning, Remington name is a boy name that starts with R and letter R means that you are highly emotional and carry an intense inner power, you are lively and can work hard, you must try to stay balanced and even tempered, you must also learn to be less critical and more tolerant, you can be gentle, kind, and helpful, you are willing to sacrifice time and energy for a good cause also you tend to lose things and may have a bad memory. You can search our database via baby name finder tool to find similar names of Remington name. If you know more about Remington name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. Please read all sections of the name Remington. If you consider Remington name is proper name for your baby, please inform us what you think about your decision. Names that sound like Remington : Reine Rev Reginal Renatus Reginel .


Type of firearms (1865) and typewriter (produced from 1874), from Eliphalet Remington (1793-1861) and his son Philo (1816-1889), gunsmiths of Ilion, N.Y.


For U.S. births in 2015, the number of births with name Remington is 1195, representing about 0.067539 percent of all male births in 2015. See interactive baby names map for Remington name popularity by states.

  • united states popular baby namesUnited States : Rank #313
  • England and Wales popular baby namesEngland and Wales : Rank #3822
  • Canada popular baby namesCanada : Rank #661
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