Judy Name Meaning

What does Judy Mean?

Judy Name Gender : Girl Names

Judy Name Origin : The origin of the name Judy is English baby names

Meaning Of Judy : Judy name meaning is pet form of JUDITH, now sometimes taken as an independent name in its own right.

Judy Name Variations : Judy name variations are Judi, Judie.

In addition to these data about Judy name meaning, Judy name is a girl name that starts with J and letter J means that your J is for justice, you are honest, loyal, reliable and sincere and you want to improve the lives of others, you may try too hard to please everyone, you have a clever mind and are very talented. However, you have to work at motivating yourself to make the most of your talents. You can search our database via baby name finder tool to find similar names of Judy name. If you know more about Judy name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. Please read all sections of the name Judy. If you consider Judy name is proper name for your baby, please inform us what you think about your decision. Names that sound like Judy : Julita Juanetta Juga Juandalyn Justene .


Pet form of Judith. Figurative uses often are from the Punch and Judy puppet show.


For U.S. births in 2015, the number of births with name Judy is 159, representing about 0.008986 percent of all female births in 2015. See interactive baby names map for Judy name popularity by states.

  • united states popular baby namesUnited States : Rank #1505
  • England and Wales popular baby namesEngland and Wales : Rank #1537
  • united kingdom popular baby namesScotland : Rank #1534
  • netherland popular baby namesNetherland : Rank #1478
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  • letter j nautical flag
  • letter u nautical flag
  • letter d nautical flag
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  • letter j american sign language
  • letter u american sign language
  • letter d american sign language
  • letter y american sign language
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  • j in braille alphabet
  • u in braille alphabet
  • d in braille alphabet
  • y in braille alphabet
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  • j in morse code
  • u in morse code
  • d in morse code
  • y in morse code