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What does Emily Mean?

Emily Name Gender : Girl Names

Emily Name Origin : The origin of the name Emily is English baby names

Meaning Of Emily : Emily name meaning is from a medieval form of the Latin name Aemilia, the feminine version of the old Roman family name Aemilius (probably from aemulus rival). It was not common in the Middle Ages, and when it was revived in the 19th century there was much confusion between the originally distinct AMELIA and the Latinate form of this name, Emilia. Cognates: French: Émilie. German: Emilie.

In addition to these data about Emily name meaning, Emily name is a girl name that starts with E and letter E means that you need plenty of feedom, you are physical and passionate, you like to be social and entertain, you are highly perceptive and not easily fooled, you are original and versatile, you are capable of looking at a situation from different perspectives. You can search our database via baby name finder tool to find similar names of Emily name. If you know more about Emily name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. Please read all sections of the name Emily. If you consider Emily name is proper name for your baby, please inform us what you think about your decision. Names that sound like Emily : Emims Emma-Lise Emera Emilyann Emilse .


Also Emilia, feminine proper name, from French Émilie, from Latin Aemilia; see Emil.


For U.S. births in 2015, the number of births with name Emily is 11727, representing about 0.662795 percent of all female births in 2015. See interactive baby names map for Emily name popularity by states.

  • united states popular baby namesUnited States : Rank #7
  • England and Wales popular baby namesEngland and Wales : Rank #3
  • Ireland popular baby namesIreland : Rank #1
  • united kingdom popular baby namesScotland : Rank #1
  • Canada popular baby namesCanada : Rank #4
  • Australia popular baby namesAustralia : Rank #6
  • New Zealand popular baby namesNew Zealand : Rank #4
  • netherland popular baby namesNetherland : Rank #39
  • norway popular baby namesNorway : Rank #294
  • france popular baby namesFrance : Rank #1472
  • denmark popular baby namesDenmark : Rank #28
  • austria popular baby namesAustria : Rank #25

Notable People

In order to choose right baby name for your baby, you should take a look back at the past, who had Emily name that you consider for your baby in the history of mankind. Knowing that who had the same name with Emily in the past can be an inspiration during those times when you are in the process of selecting right baby name for your baby. For more information about famous people named Emily please read more...

  • Emily Brontë, 1818, WRITER
  • Emily Dickinson, 1830, WRITER
  • Emily Greene Balch, 1867, SOCIAL ACTIVIST
  • Emily Deschanel, 1976, ACTOR
  • Emily Osment, 1992, ACTOR
  • Emily Blunt, 1983, ACTOR
  • Emily Browning, 1988, ACTOR
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