Acrostic Name Poem For Michael

m letterM is for Magical, you make the impossible happen

m letterI is for Incredible, you raise the bar for greatness

m letterC is for Colorful, a fascinating person

m letterH is for Hopeful, nothing keeps you down

m letterA is for Articulate, you have the gift of expression

m letterE is for Eloquent, the gift of expression

m letterL is for Learned, mastery of knowledge

m letter in alphabetM is for Magnificent, you are simply the best

m letter in alphabetI is for Inspirational, your effect on others

m letter in alphabetC is for Courteous, the way you are to others

m letter in alphabetH is for Hooray, I am glad you are here with me!

m letter in alphabetA is for Attributes, you have too many to list

m letter in alphabetE is for Elegant, you're so full of grace

m letter in alphabetL is for Love, the way we feel for you

letter mM is for Memories, I cherish when I’m with you

letter mI is for Interest, you've surely captured mine

letter mC is for Courageous, you're strong and independent

letter mH is for Happy, how we feel when you are here

letter mA is for Always, forever we'll be friends

letter mE is for Exciting, you're so full of joy

letter mL is for Laughter, nothing is as infectious as yours