8 Weeks Pregnant

By the end of the second month, many moms are beginning to feel better
about their pregnancy. Sometimes the physical symptoms have diminished
and sometimes they are just beginning to understand that they are pregnant - and it's starting to be exciting.

The development of baby

Baby is now a fetus
Toes are developed
Eyes are open, but eyelids are beginning to fuse together
Genitalia is almost recognizable
The `tail' disappears
Measures 27 - 35 millimeters, weighs about 4 grams

The development of mom

Stomach may start to be distended
Bowels are pushed outwards
Frequent urination
Same pregnancy symptoms

What baby is feeling

Baby's heart is beating fast - about 160 beats per minute.

What mom is feeling

As her body is beginning to change, the end of the second month can
be the start of the realization that there is a baby inside of there.

Specific needs for the week

You will want to make sure that you are eating more fruits with each
meal or drinking fruit juices unless your doctor prohibits it.

Specific concerns for the week

Are you paying attention to the stress in your life? Now is a good time
to start thinking about ways to find relaxation in every day.

Special tip for mom

Since your body is beginning to change, you might want to start
measuring your stomach so you can see how far you've come. Write it
down in your journal!