6 Weeks Pregnant

More exciting developments for baby this week - there are new body parts emerging and more growth even in this early stage.

The development of baby

Part of the brain is now visible
Baby begins to move
The bones are beginning to harden
The toes are beginning to form
Measures 8 - 11 millimeters

The development of mom

Same pregnancy symptoms
May feel movements like gas
Extreme tiredness

What baby is feeling

Baby's starting to move around
Gender is beginning to develop

What mom is feeling

Besides exhausted, mom might feel gas-like movements that are
actually the baby moving around. They might be so slight that many
moms don't even notice.

Specific needs for the week

You will want to make sure that your practitioner has done a full series
of blood tests at this point to rule out any problems with your
pregnancy - blood sugar, blood pressure, urine test, pelvic exam, etc.

Specific concerns for the week

Realize that you might be more tired at this point and that asking for
help is a good way to get some rest.

Special tip for mom

This might be a great time to make a date with your partner that
focuses on you as a couple instead of you as becoming parents. Go
out to dinner or make a quiet dinner at home to reflect on your relationship and keep it strong.