5 Weeks Pregnant

Into the second month of your pregnancy, you will continue to feel the same pregnancy symptoms; however your baby is doing different things every day.

The development of baby

Arm buds can be seen on an ultrasound
Hand plates are beginning to form
The genitals are beginning to develop
The nasal pits are developing

The development of mom

Still no outward signs of pregnancy
The face might start to have acne
Same pregnancy symptoms can occur

What baby is feeling

Baby is going through its second set of kidneys

What mom is feeling

Because you may not `feel' pregnant yet, this might be a good time to
look for classes on pregnancy or head to the local bookstore to
educate you about what might happen during this time.

Special needs for the week

With all the growing baby is doing, you need to pay special attention
to your diet. Try to add an extra serving of vegetables each day to
start sending vitamins to your growing little one.

Special concerns for the week

With all of the growth that is occurring, it's a good idea to make sure
that you're taking a prenatal vitamin as directed by your doctor.

Special tip for mom

Start a journal about your feelings about your pregnancy. This can be
a confusing time as well as a time of celebration - write it all down.
As your child grows up, you might even want to share this special book with them.