40 Weeks Pregnant

You're here!!

The development of baby

Baby is born during three stages of labor: first, second and third.
Babies that are not in the correct position can either be moved or will
need to be born by caesarean section.
Babies that are in distress may need additional care after they are
born, or will be removed from the mom before actual labor pains

The development of mom

Mom's cervix will continue to dilate until it is fully open (about ten
centimeters) and she is able to push with the contractions.
While it might seem like a good idea to push earlier, this can cause
tears and more pain than is necessary.
If you want to have pain medications, sooner is better than later.
They can always be adjusted or taken away if they're not working or
causing ill effects.
Make sure to rest as much as you can between contractions so that
you have enough energy to push.

Specific concerns
Realize that while labor is a difficult process, women have been doing
it for years and you can too.
Babies born today have a nearly perfect chance of being born without
If you are having any troubles, be sure to tell the doctor or the nurse
and they can help make labor easier for you.
Pain is normal, but only ten percent of women report excruciating
pain, so your chances of not being in this group are pretty good.
Labor will end - whether it seems like it will or not.
The end result of labor is always worth the effort.

Congratulations and good luck with your new bundle of joy!

Special tip for dad/partner
Make sure to bring flowers and other special gifts to mom - she's done
a lot of work to produce this little person.