38 Weeks Pregnant

Many babies are already born at this point, but if not, here's what's going on.

The development of baby

Baby is still growing
Baby's body systems are still practicing

The development of mom

Contractions are increasing
More moodiness is possible

What baby is feeling

Baby is happy and ready to get out into the new world that they've
worked so hard to be ready for.

What mom is feeling

Mom is going to the doctor more often and might start thinking about
inducing the delivery if the baby has become too big.

Specific needs for the week

Make an emergency plan if your delivery partner can not come with
you. Ask a trusted friend or a parent to help you until your partner
can be there.

Specific concerns for the week

If you want to help your labor start earlier, make sure that you are
exercising regularly. Exercise stimulates the blood flow to your uterus
and can help bring on contractions.

Special tip for mom

Talk about whether you want cameras or video cameras in the delivery
room. But make sure that everyone understands that you might
change your mind once the day arrives. You're in charge that day, so
don't be afraid to tell people about things that you might not like.