36 Weeks Pregnant

Still trudging or waddling on.

The development of baby

Gaining up to an ounce each day
May drop or shift at this point to be ready for birth

The development of mom

If baby shifts, may feel lightening in the pelvis area as well as have an
easier time breathing
Might also experience extra energy - called nesting

What baby is feeling

Baby is just waiting for the time when mom's body is ready to give
birth to them.

What mom is feeling

Might be a little edgy at this time, so make sure that you're taking
extra time for yourself in order to stay calm.

Specific needs for the week

If you think that you might be going into labor, stop and start to time
the contractions that you're having. If the timing is regular and
starting to get shorter and shorter between contractions, call your
doctor - it might be time. If they're irregular, you might just be having false contractions.

Specific concerns for the week

If you're nervous about having an overdue baby, talk with your doctor
about the options to deliver if this should happen - it will take one
more thing off your mind.

Special tip for mom

As a special gift to your baby, why not write a letter to them
describing how you were feeling at this time in your pregnancy? It
makes a great gift when they're eighteen or leaving home.