3 Weeks Pregnant

If you know that you're pregnant at this point, you're really going to notice your pregnancy symptoms. The beginning of pregnancy is a time of rapid development of your baby, so your body is reacting to these changes.

The development of baby

The heart is beginning to beat this week
You'll be able to distinguish between the head and the `tail'
The brain is beginning to develop o The baby is now called an embryo
Measures 1.5 - 2.5 millimeters

The development of mom

Increased fatigue
Increased breast soreness
Possible increase in headaches
Possible nausea

What baby is feeling

Baby's heart is now beating and neural networks are forming

What mom is feeling

Continuation of previous symptoms, but possibly intensifying
Some moms don't feel any symptoms, so if you're not sick right now,
that's okay

Specific needs for the week

Make sure that you're getting some additional rest, if you can

Specific concerns for the week

If you have pregnancy symptoms, but then they disappear, call your

Special tip for mom

If your breasts are getting too sore when you sleep, try wearing a
sports bra to bed. The additional support can help relieve some pain.