25 Weeks Pregnant

You might start feeling more tired again as you enter into the third trimester because baby has a lot of growing to do in these last few months.

The development of baby

Baby's skin is wrinkled
Baby feels like its taking up the entire abdomen
Starting to grow rapidly, weighs about two pounds now

The development of mom

Mom may start gaining more weight
The uterus is almost eleven inches in length
Shortness of breath

What baby is feeling

Baby is getting stronger and continues to explore its environment,
moving around much more often.

What mom is feeling

Mom is really starting to get excited about the impending birth and
may start to have troubles getting to sleep with her racing mind.

Special needs for the week

To combat swelling, try to elevate your feet for a half an hour a day or
whenever you are sitting down. Try drinking more water to help
regulate the amount of water in your body.

Special concerns for the week

Because you might be a bit clumsier, you might have a fall
occasionally. While it can seem scary, it generally is nothing to be
concerned about. Just tell your doctor and they will make the decision to see you or not.

Special tip for mom

Because your body needs to start getting ready for birth, you might
start feeing more tired than you have in a while. Why not cut back on
some of your activity and take the hint that you need to rest?