2 Weeks Pregnant

This is generally the time in the pregnancy when mom is beginning to feel that something is different about her body. Two weeks after conception is
the perfect time to consider a pregnancy test as hormone levels are increasing to measurable levels.

The development of baby

A gestational sac can be seen on an ultrasound
Baby's chorionic villi are completely formed

The development of mom

hCG levels are rising and are starting to produce pregnancy symptoms
Period may have been missed at this point
The newly development baby is starting to push on mom's bladder

What baby is feeling

Baby is beginning to develop recognizable systems
Still, no body systems are clearly seen

What mom is feeling

Mom might begin to feel fatigued
More frequent urination
Some mood swings
Breasts may become tender and swollen

Specific needs for the week

If you think you might be pregnant, confirm your findings with your

Specific concerns for the week

You will want to quit smoking or drinking if you think you might be

Special tip for mom

If your hCG levels are very high, this can be an indication that you
may be carrying more than one baby. But only your doctor can
measure this.