17 Weeks Pregnant

Almost halfway through your second trimester, it's time for more changes
and more developments for both mom and for baby

The development of baby

The buds of real baby teeth are not forming
There's a fine layer of hair growing over the body - lanugo
Girl's ovaries are fully developed and contain eggs
Weights about eight ounces

The development of mom

More aches in your abdomen
Possible beginning of heartburn

What baby is feeling

Baby is becoming much more coordinated
There are discernable times of sleeping and waking for baby

Specific needs for the week

If you're traveling, you'll want to make sure that you're following your
pregnancy diet as well as adjusting to any time changes before you
leave. You may also want to find a doctor in the area that can help you should you have problems.

Specific concerns for the week

When you're bending down to lift something, be sure to bend your
knees and let your legs do the work - not your stomach.

Special tip for mom

Now is a great time for a massage or other spa treatment. Just be
sure to let the technician know that you are pregnant (as though they
can't tell!) and they can make arrangements to soothe those aching muscles.