16 Weeks Pregnant

During the fourth month of your pregnancy, you'll start to really show the
pregnancy if you haven't already. And baby is gearing up for another growth spurt.

The development of baby

The bones are still hardening
Fingerprints may have developed
Measures about eight inches and weighs about seven ounces

The development of mom

May have some troubles sleeping
Body is starting to change more

What baby is feeling

Baby is starting to get stronger and becomes more active in the womb

What mom is feeling

After weeks of feeling fatigued, not being able to sleep because of your
ever growing body can be frustrating. But by propping yourself up
with pillows, you'll be able to find a position that will be comfortable.

Specific needs for the week

If you feel like you need to get up to urinate frequently during the
night, be sure to urinate before you even lay down.

Specific concerns for the week

Now is a good time to start lying on your left side to make sure that
baby is always getting a good supply of blood to help with its growth.

Special tip for mom

For a healthy in between meal snack, try a fruit smoothie. By blending
ice (or not), fresh fruit, protein powder, honey, orange juice, and milk
or soy, you can have a nutritious and delicious drink.