15 Weeks Pregnant

Almost to the fifth month already.

The development of baby

Baby is starting to develop fat on its body
No new structures will have formed
Measures about five ounces in weight

The development of mom

You might start sweating more
You may have increased nasal congestion o Your uterus is higher up in your abdomen
Increased discharge from vagina

What baby is feeling

While it might seem that nothing new is happening, baby can now
become startled by loud noises. So, you may want to keep your
surroundings a little more calm from now on.

What mom is feeling

Weird pregnancy symptoms can unnerve any woman, but rest assured
that they will disappear after the birth of your child.

Specific needs for the week

Make sure that you are getting enough fluids to help that extra blood
more freely in your veins.

Specific concerns for the week

You will want to realize that any hard exercise may cause you to
overheat more quickly than it used to. Watch the intensity of your

Special tip for mom

Invest in some classical music or other soothing forms of music to
start calming your baby. Or just be sure to start talking to your womb
to help baby recognize the sound of your voice.