12 Weeks Pregnant

As you round out the first trimester, you've had a lot of things that have happened. Not only have you gotten pregnant, but your baby has done
some remarkable things already to get ready for the big, bad world.

The development of baby

Baby can urinate on its own
Amniotic fluid is breathed in the lungs to help strengthen them
Measures almost five inches in length

The development of mom

Darkened areolas are growing in size
Perhaps darker pigmentation of the skin in patches on the abdomen
The uterus has grown to the size of a softball

What baby is feeling

Baby knows that it will not be inside the womb forever, so it's starting
to practice to get ready to breathe air

What mom is feeling

While the hormonal changes continue, you might start to feel a little
more sexually appealing because of these changes. This is a welcome
effect after the early weeks.

Specific needs for the week

Have you considered an amniocentesis? This is something that you
may want to discuss with your doctor if you are at high risk for birth

Specific concerns for the week

Sometimes, you will be able to determine the sex of the baby, so
check with your doctor if you want to find out.

Special tip for mom

You will want to start avoiding any exercises that are done on your
back because this lessens the flow of blood to the uterus - but don't
worry, there are plenty of alternatives.